Mind your Language

by Jane Vujasin
5 months ago

For the past few decades the media, advertising and diet industry have overwhelmed us with disparaging language that is damaging for anyone that is experiencing or recovering from an eating disorder.

Murder, violence and theft are crimes, eating biscuits is not.

The language that we constantly hear around food are words and statements that I would associate with criminal activity, on a daily basis, I am bombarded with naughty, guilty pleasure, sins, although a diet company phrases it as syns, which makes it acceptable, doesn’t it? And how often do we tell ourselves that I should eat this, or I shouldn’t eat that: What are the thoughts and feelings provoked there? From my personal experience and speaking to those I have helped, they bring feelings of guilt and shame, thoughts that “I am a failure”

Becoming mindful of the language we use around food may seem a small step in recovering from binge eating but it is becoming aware of these gradual steps that will bring the lasting change.

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