It’s Not What You’re Eating… It’s What’s Eating You

Workshops and individual therapy to help you to find freedom from emotional eating and to help develop a respectful relationship with your body.


  • When was the last time you said “this is the day the latest diet starts?”
  • Are you fed up of yo-yo dieting, or thinking about having to find another diet club!
  • Are you in the cycle of dieting, nagging yourself, losing weight, nagging yourself gaining weight?
  • Do you feel guilt and despair after your stomach is heaving and telling yourself this is the last time?
  • Is eating that chocolate stopping you from being angry, feeling grief, or stopping the boredom?

 Diet no more! I can help you.

 Isn’t it time to stop these binge-eating, guilt-ridden, chicken-licking, lip smacking, soda drinking cycles?

 Rest assured this is a cycle. And it’s a cycle you CAN transform.

This is not a fad diet or a gimmick but an informative and inspirational workshop that will give you the tools to give you the healthy relationship to food and your body you have been searching for.

 How do I know?

 Until my own journey of understanding my emotional eating and as a result feeling shame and hating my body, I have scoffed slabs of chocolate, inhaled fish and chips, not understanding why but kidding myself I ‘loved’ food, and what did it matter? I would lose weight on my next diet. Until one day as I scoffed a huge fry up, it came to me that I was eating on grief, the food was literally pushing down my tears. There it was, I was smothering my sorrows with food and becoming fatter and fatter, which for me meant misery and despair.

Once I understood that my binge eating was because I was gorging to fill an emotional void and not me being excessively physically hungry or greedy, a language of self hatred that many who binge eat will be familiar with. 

Through my own personal experience and training with experts in the field I learned to know and trust when my body was physically hungry and eating what I needed to satisfy my hunger and to stop when I am full. I have never given another penny to a diet club!

The most important thing for me was not to feel deprived, so I now give myself permission to eat that packet of crisps or a chocolate biscuit, and these days I choose to stop. Ten years ago I would never have imagined ever saying that!

I would now like to share with you my knowledge and experience to help you to break free from your emotional eating

Have you got to the end of your tether?

Are you ready to stop the vicious cycle and take more control of your eating and your body? Please feel free to get in touched ,you are assured of a warm welcome,without judgement from someone who has been on the same journey,who also the knowledge and training from experts in the field.

Whether  the  you choose individual therapy or my live workshop you will be given the tools to help you to overcome emotional eating forever!

 If you are committed to making the change, and feel the time is now  for a happier, healthier way of living and finding freedom from a gruelling regime of miserable yo-yo dieting,contact me now,what’s to lose?

What’s to gain

What’s to gain?

  • Freedom from diets, no more calorie counting, point adding or humiliating weigh ins
  • Empowerment 
  • Acceptance of all of who you are
  • As you learn about your relationship with eating you will not feel deprived.
  • Learn to treat food as a pleasure and not a  punishment
  • Changing the derogatory language that the media and diet industry have taught you about eating and food. Food isn’t good ,bad or naughty. 
  • Self awareness that brings life changing results.





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