Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy 

If you are feeling lost, confused, stuck, finding  yourself in a familiar cycle of destructive and despairing behaviour,  individual therapy can help you to not only gain a better understanding and awareness of your self but can help you to change old behaviour patterns, that can bring empowerment to you and your life.

Some of the benefits available from therapy include:

  • Attaining a better understanding and awareness of yourself, your goals and values
  • Developing skills for improving your relationships
  • Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek therapy
  • Learning new ways to manage stress and anxiety
  • Managing anger, grief, depression, and other emotional pressures
  • Improving communications and listening skills.
  • Changing old behaviour patterns and developing new ones
  • Discovering new ways to find solutions.
  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence
  • Learning skills to help you to relax

Relationship Counselling

Are you experiencing communication issues with your partner? Are you finding it difficult to resolve conflict, maybe you’re feeling insecure in your relationship? Has the way you feel about your partner changed and you don’t know why?Couples therapy can give you the chance to safely address the negative patterns in your relationship that may be keeping you from experiencing true intimacy.

Therapy can be an opportunity for you to address your difficulties and overcome the barriers that have prevented you from feeling fulfilled. I strive to create a safe working atmosphere in which you can express and explore your true concerns without feeling pressured or judged. My therapeutic style is interactive and engaging. Sharing your personal struggle with another person takes courage but with support and guidance, therapy can help you make enduring changes towards a greater sense of empowerment and a more purposeful life.

Since opening my practice in 2010  I’ve been assisting clients in making positive life changes by helping them cultivate greater self-awareness and emotional flexibility. Although we start with the here and now, unresolved issues from the past create obstacles that hold people back and cause them to feel stuck. Together, through therapy, I can help you identify and work through these underlying issues. Through the therapeutic process, symptoms of negative thought patterns begin to lift, making it possible to develop inner peace and emotional freedom, stronger self-esteem, and more fulfilling relationships with self and others.


Couples seek counselling for many reasons and these can include:

  • Loss of emotional or sexual spark
  • Affairs and betrayal
  • Feeling taken for granted
  • Not feeling “heard” or respected
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • End of relationship therapy
  • ‘Mid- life’ crisis
  • Secrecy

In addition to specific issues, most couples benefit from improved communication  skills.  to listen respectfully, to voice one’s real needs, to express respect and appreciation.

Couples Counselling can help to

  • Communicate
  • Recover intimacy
  • Restore trust
  • Rebuild respect and appreciation
  • Find your voice

 I offer workshops, individual bespoke programs and group therapy for binge eating.

It’s Not What you’re Eating, It’s What’s Eating You.

Diet no more, I can help you.

Online Workshop: Saturday, 23rd October, 2021, 11am-1.30pm.

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