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Are you feeling unhappy with your relationship or unfulfilled in your career or personal life?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a cycle  of behaviour that you would like to find freedom from.

Please do not struggle alone, I can help.

Therapy can be an opportunity for you to address your difficulties and overcome the barriers that have prevented you from feeling fulfilled. I strive to create a safe working atmosphere in which you can express and explore your true concerns without feeling pressured or judged. My therapeutic style is interactive and engaging. Sharing your personal struggle with another person takes courage but with support and guidance, therapy can help you make enduring changes towards a greater sense of empowerment  and a more purposeful life.
Since opening my practice in 2010  I’ve been assisting clients in making positive life changes by helping them cultivate greater self-awareness and emotional flexibility. Although we start with the here and now, unresolved issues from the past create obstacles that hold people back and cause them to feel stuck. Together, through therapy, I can help you identify and work through these underlying issues. Through the therapeutic process, symptoms of negative thought patterns begin to lift, making it possible to develop inner peace and emotional freedom, stronger self-esteem, and more fulfilling relationships with self and others.
 My approach is informed by humanistic, psychodynamic and behavioural  therapy. but most of all being human!
I also teach stress management and relaxation techniques.
Client Testimonial, “I have recently had therapy sessions with Jane. I immediately  felt at ease with her and felt that the environment was, safe, secure, trustworthy and comforting. Jane has a lovely nature and professionalism that is second to none. She has helped me to address my personal issues and unlock a lifetime of thought patterns/behaviours, I will be forever grateful.” MJ, London.

Through my private practice, I have a number of services available including:

  • Individual Therapy;
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Workshops
  • Bespoke programmes for Binge Eating
  •  Employee Assistance Programmes 


If you are looking to make positive changes to your life or that of your employees lives but are uncertain of how to proceed, I am pleased to offer a free twenty minute telephone/online consultation.

Appointments are available in  Central London and Broxbourne, Hertfordshire ,and also online.

Please feel free to get in touch, 


07518 088561

A specialist in the areas of:

  • Binge/Emotional Eating Therapy.
  • Well Being Programmes
  • Stress Management
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Relationships, including, Couples Counselling

Call 07518 088561 or email jane@janelvcounselling.co.uk

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